Join Forces with Proton and Help Secure the Internet

Our mission is to make internet privacy accessible to all. That’s why we are happy to share our revenue with like-minded partners!

How does the ProtonMail and ProtonVPN Partnerships (Affiliate) Program work?

You review, recommend or promote ProtonMail or ProtonVPN on your website, community or social media profile and receive a commission for every new referred customer.

Why should I join your partners program and become your brand advocate?

Our mission to make internet privacy accessible to all.

ProtonVPN is community supported VPN service with strong focus for internet privacy and security. 

We are working hard to create VPN service which has sophisticated security features and at the same time, is easy to use for everyone. 

Who can review or promote ProtonVPN or ProtonMail?  

Bloggers, Youtube influencers, publishers, comparison sites and all those who are interested in making internet a safer place.

Marketing and branded material

We will provide marketing material including banners, posters, product videos. You can find our visual kit:

If you need any additional material or information: contact our affiliates managers at:

Can I advertise ProtonVPN or ProtonMail through PPC?

Yes, you can advertise ProtonVPN using PPC networks and on various advertising platforms. 

However, we are not allowing to bid on ProtonVPN, ProtonMail or Proton name and any variations or similar brand name.

If you are using PPC advertising, you should send the traffic to your website and only then to  or website.

Commissions & Payouts

Commissions may vary depending on your sales volume or our partnership agreement. We have a right to cancel it if you infringe any terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Commission rates  


All paid subscriptions - 20%

1 year - new sign up: 40%
30% recurring 


Commission is paid each calendar month till 30th day of the month if the amount of the commission fee is greater than U.S. Dollars 100. 

In case you earn less than U.S. Dollars 100 per calendar month, the commission fee is paid next calendar month, when the total amount of commission is greater than U.S. Dollars 100.

In order to get commission fee you have to send us a request, provide invoices of your partners or take actions in other form, if mutually agreed separately.

Wire transfers are possible if commission sum exceeds U.S. Dollars 100.

Not allowed promotion activities

> Spamming on blogs, forums, social media, or any other commenting systems
> Any other type of illegal or deceptive marketing
> Use of materials which infringe our intellectual property rights
> Cookie-stuffing
> Brokering or sub-affiliates
> Unethical Pop-up or pop-under advertising
> Fake traffic 

Any more questions? 

Contact us via

1 month - new sign up: 100 %
30% recurring


As part of our effort to be transparent with our users, we require our affiliates to disclose their relationship to Proton to their readers.

Reviewing Proton products

So our users can make informed decisions, we encourage all affiliates to be objective and accurate in their reviews. We may reach out to you if there is a factual error in your review, but we will not influence your writing.

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Why partner with Proton?

Well known VPN created by brightest minds from ProtonMail

ProtonVPN has extreme focus to Internet Security & Privacy

Winner of Best Free, Best for Privacy Awards, PcMag Editor's Choice

ProtonVPN is loved by users for

Extreme focus for Privacy & Security 

Unblocking the Internet

Easy to use native apps on multiple platforms

Professional customer support

Who can become our Affiliate?

Youtube Influencers, Vloggers, Technology news producers

Those who are seen:

Bloggers, comparison sites, review sites, social media influencers

Those who are heard:

If you are privacy advocate, help us spread the news about ProtonMail and ProtonVPN

Those who care:

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How does this partnership work?

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